Into Love of Renee – by Patrick Flanagan – An infidelity son finds out like along the age which have an earlier lady

Seeking Answers – of the Douglas Fox – [An elizabeth-novel] High school Freshman Kyle Martin actively seeks solutions. The guy along with his friends possess ups and downs regarding expanding upwards for the Heaven, Pennsylvania. (MF-family, youngsters, voy, first, mast, oral, rectal, orgy, preg)

Earliest Partner – from the Homer Vargas – 1st voyage as the Very first Companion and then he had the crappy chance to suffice below Chief Ethyl Walters. Otherwise was just about it?” (Fdom/M, laughs, preg)

First night And you can Daddy’s Portman – from the Retrowank – A lady confides the chances she took to satisfy her break Mitch, additionally the rate she is useful the fresh new people gang along with her step-father. (MF-youngsters, nc, inc, first, intr, preg?)

Angling Travel Regarding the Rockies – by the Chaz Thain – An earlier child to the a long fishing trip runs into around three German lady that travelling over the You.S. themselves. You’ve got sprained their foot so all of our champion also offers him or her shelter in at the their campground. He nourishes them and you will entertains her or him, and then they all submit toward night. However, in the early occasions you will find good rustling at the their tent home. (MFF, preg)

Fogger – of the Babylon – A child check outs Disney Business together with members of the family and finds you to definitely he has got the power to improve man’s attitudes of the world. He quickly and you may tragically discovers ideas on how to control anybody else, particularly pretty women. (mf, mc, nc, inc, teenager, preg)

It begins to rating major among them, so arrangements are designed on family to get to know, while in the Christmas, then everything you transform into a couple of couples

Footballing Girls – by the Conquering Off Bob – Advisor Porter agrees to allow the brand new cheerleaders gamble a powder-puff online game while in the homecoming halftime, against their best judgment. Whenever Tiffany, their cardiovascular system, desires particular “special” practice, one thing go from bad to help you much, much better. Therefore constantly you want a back up each position, best? (M/f-adolescent, reluc, initially, preg)

Forbidden Carnal Hunger Satisfied – by the Lanka Lotion – A teenage girl seduces this lady single mother dad so he will get her something. Up coming she brings a friend to their sleep whom and additionally perform like to be offered presents. (M/ff-family, inc, ped, bi, preg, lac)

Forbidden Like – by Maussie – A boy and you may a woman satisfy at school, it belong like, and you may end sleep with each other. (mf-teenagers, children, inc, preg, rom)

Forbidden Relations – because of the Jim Flavortang – Jeff Monroe along with his relative Lizzy, would be best nearest and dearest, but once his increasing affections for her complicate their reference to new girlfriend exactly who he does not appreciate, issues develop

Promote Women, The fresh new – by Hollander – Boy blackmails his partner with the getting involved with the foster mother program, then takes “advantage” of one’s program for his very own desires. (MF/ggb, extreme-ped, rp, intr, preg, lac)

Foxtrot Tango – from the End Spinner – A great satire of your own emails on preferred ‘FoxTrot’ comic strip. Within story, Jason and you can Marcus link due to their family Eileen and you can Phoebe when they return to Camp Bohrmore science go camping and you can do a little biology lookup. (mf-yteens, ff, ped, bi, rom, preg, parody)

Fraidy cat – from the Anon – Ever since I became a small boy I became afraid of thunderstorms, then when you will find a particularly criminal you to definitely in the evening, I’d set you back my personal mothers rooms and ascend within their big king-size bed, where my mom do hold me personally till the violent storm abated. We virtually shook that have worry, and only the warmth of the lady body carrying me intimate, along with her comforting voice you’ll peaceful me off. One event while i try 12 got another twist. (F/m-teenager, inc, ped, preg)